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'Queen of Cold-Calls'

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Now that I'm on Spring Break, I can catch you up on


Only 9 days left before the adventure begins!

These past few weeks, I've had the honor of gracing the pages of several editorials,

on the East Coast AND the West Coast!

For as long as I can remember, I have aimed to be on the front page of the my Bay Area local newspapers, San Leandro Times and Castro Valley Forum. Turns out, tutumaking is newspaper worthy! Front page, even!

I'm happy to say that I can now cross that childhood dream of mine off of my to-do list! Read the full article from Castro Valley Forum below:

I was also included in the February 9 issue of Yes! Weekly. So much publicity! I'm really grateful for all the support that is being shown for this project. It speaks volumes about the artistic community.

The publication that made me shed a few tears was being on the front page of Winston-Salem Journal's Arts Section. With in-depth photographs taken by Allison Lee Isley, I was able to showcase my latest 'Sissi' tutu creation, share more about my personal story and the London project, and expound on my hopes for the future in Winston-Salem.

Be sure to click on the link to see all the beautiful photos!

Image by Allison Lee Isley

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on a copy of the Winston Salem Journal from my local grocery store, Harris Teeter, and found the piece titled 'Queen of Cold-Calls'! (My classmates renamed me "Queen of Coleslaw"; take your pick!)

There is still more to come, and I'm so excited to

go to London in 9 DAYS!! SO CRAZY!

Thank you for all your support;

this couldn't happen without you!

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